Recently Lizz shot a photo session with Toronto boxer The Brazilian Bomber. Check out our gallery for a selection from that shoot. We are available for personal photo and video shoots for whatever you may need to represent yourself, your business and brand. Get in touch with us to book your consultation and shoot!

The Brazilian Bomber

The Brazilian Bomber 

The Brazilian Bomber

The Brazilian Bomber

Most recently LA Hodgson Photography produced a couple of music video’s for local Toronto artists. Below are Lara Martin’s video to “Hard To Be Human” and Davey Jones’ “Freedom 55”, and “Wondering Wisdom”.

LARA MARTIN’S “Hard To Be Human”

Founder and Head photographer at LAHodgson Photography Lizz Hodgson recently directed a short film when teaming up with producer/creator and general extraordinaire Jonathan Nathaniel. Here is the film in it’s completed entirety. Please watch, share and spread the word.

Here is the ‘Us, Regardless’ behind the scenes video shot and edited by the magnificent Danielle Thorn.

Check us out here for our upcoming information and projects!

Director and head photographer/filmmaker Lizz Hodgson has taken on a monthly documentary column through the popular film resource group based in Toronto called Film Army, check out their website here: http://www.blog.filmarmy.ca/

Be sure to check in monthly for her posts! The new February post will be up soon and we’d love for you to check it out!

More Announcements:

LAHodgson Photography is proud to announce our involvement with an old friend. Head photographer; Lizz Hodgson has been lucky enough to work on a parody video NOW HERE for the viral wide web. This parody rap video was born from the comedic genius of Ava McDonald, an old friend of Lizz’s. Along side with their comedy writing buddy Colin McDonald who acts in part as director of the piece has come along for the ride. HERE IT IS:


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