Please view below documentaries directed, produced and created by founder of LA Hodgson Photography: Lizz A Hodgson: LA Hodgson Photography does your corporate commercials. Approached by the “little-big” company DramaWay in 2012 LAHodgson Photography has taken on different ad campaigns for new programming and volunteer recruitment.  Check out the  commercials produced on a minimal to non-existent budget. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your ad campaign or public service announcement.

Wandering Wisdom by Davey Jones:

Freedom 55 by Davey Jones:
Hard to be Human by Lara Martin:
The Nature of Creativity: The Nature of Creativity was an independent documentary made by Lizz Hodgson in 2011. This film followed a group of special needs individuals who aspire to be more then just the label that society gives them. https://vimeo.com/47657080 Welcome to Holland: Welcome to Holland is a documentary that was a passion project for Lizz Hodgson. She took a journey in capturing the Quist family of Rochester, N.Y and their son with an under researched and little understood syndrome. http://vimeo.com/60966005 PAST VIDEOS LAHODGSON PHOTOGRAPHY HAS PRODUCED, DIRECTED & EDITED: Roman Dane – Live Music Video


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